Our capabilities

infoSentience’s cutting-edge technology has the ability to process huge volumes of data and deliver on-demand, high-quality narratives. This can be done with ANY set of structured data.

We Provide

Unlimited Quantity

Deliver millions of reports to any end-points.

On-Demand Content

Detailed, long-form narratives created and delivered near instantaneously.

Continuous Updates

Never have your content be out of date.

Format Flexibility

The completed product can be delivered to you in a variety of formats depending on its intended use and final destination. This flexibility allows you to get the most out of automating your data analysis.

Deliver in any format
  • Plain Text

  • Formatted Text

  • HTML

  • JSON

Explore your data
  • Graphs

  • Charts

Make your narratives pop!
  • Photos

  • Videos

Along with having complete flexibility in how you format your content, we can also send your content to multiple endpoints, including: email addresses, mobile phones (via text or apps), your web site, and social media accounts.

Keep Control

Automated content generation is flexible: you don't lose control of the end-product. You can choose from several levels of automation (and corresponding human involvement) according to your specific needs.


A polished and complete narrative is created and delivered to you.


An automated narrative is drafted then edited by a human writer.


Humans write reports and set aside parts of the final narrative to be automatically generated.


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“Think big, deliver bigger”

Since infoSentience’s inception in 2011, we have sent more than 100 million unique reports across the nation to sports fans and fantasy sports players. Year after year, we hear from people who love reading our content.

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Why Automated Content

On any given day, you need to be in contact with your employees, stakeholders, current customer base, and potential clients. It can be a lot, and keeping them all up-to-date can feel pushing a boulder up a mountain. Automated content can make this process easy.


Every end-user can receive their own narrative, even if this means generating millions of different versions.


Even detailed narratives can be generated and delivered within a minute.


Avoid typos and data analysis mistakes


Each piece of content can be formatted in multiple ways and delivered to multiple endpoints (website, social media, client, etc.)


Your workforce can be freed up from doing rote, repetitive work and instead focus on more high-value tasks


Take advantage of deep analysis to surface interesting information that otherwise would slip through the cracks.

Team Leaders

Steve Wasick


Chris Bisom

Lead Narrative Engineer

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